Curators Report for April

APRIL, 2018

In spite of (or because of) mishaps and pressures all the changes to the layout and displays in the rooms got done in time for our season opening on April 4. To bring everyone up to speed, here is what we got done:

The storage and construction areas are now in use adjacent to the exec office and the audio visual room is set up (where the storage area was) and the dvd, tv and vhs all work. We can now play the 200 plus veteran interviews in our files in addition to our visual library.

We kept the gallery changes to a minimum because we are not sure how long we are going to be in our present quarters. Additions to the Schlatter gallery include a “re-do” of the west wall due to moving most of the World War I material (see below), the addition of a “Ghillie” or sniper suit from the Haney collection and some changes to the Vietnam material.

Just behind the Navy Marine Room there is a new World War I room where most of our collection from that era is housed. A unique display there is a bound volume of the Stars and Stripes newspaper from 1918. Every week during this centennial year we are changing the front page on view to the closest week one hundred years ago.

There are changes to the Memorial Room as well. As you know we now have the uniforms, field gear and memorabilia of Staff Sergeant Randy Haney who was KIA in Afghanistan in 2009. His mother, Ms. Amanda Macy, entrusted us to properly store, care for and display these honored relics. The Memorial Room is a fitting place to display his awards and the unique Michael Reagan portrait of SSG Haney. This renowned artist has done more than 3700 pencil sketches of the fallen warriors from our recent conflicts. More of this collection will be displayed in the future.

I will cover our volunteer needs in a later posting. Let me just say that we need help in the following areas:

-conducting tours on and off site

-maintaining the collection

-data entry and graphics work on the dreaded computer

-display creation.

I can’t end this without thanking everyone who helped get the Museum ready for the opening. If I have omitted anyone you can beat me up. You know where to find me. Thanks to

Larry Boze, Carl deSantis, Rick Egbert, Nick Essinger, Deb Fitzpatrick, Mitch Fogle, Roger Hurley, Don Lauber, Randy Minnich, Karen Purke, Gary Sargent, Linda Shuman and last but by no means least, Lou Hart, who left us all too soon.


Terry Purke, Curator

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