Curators Report for March

In February we accomplished most of what we set out to do. We moved the activities, audio-visual, storage and tool rooms to their new locations, started creating the new World War I display, the new shelving for the CDs and Video tapes and hooked up the computers. TV and CD player. We also have all of our computers talking to each other. We have Mitch Fogle, Deb Fitzpatrick, and Don Lauber to thank for the electronic wizardry and our Wednesday work crew, Larry Boze, Rick Egbert, Roger Hurley, Randy Minnich, Gary Sargent and most recently, Nick Essinger for the making, moving, lifting and stacking of a lot of stuff.

March will be busy as well. We will create a display to commemorate the centennial of World War One featuring the role of Ohio’s own 37th Division. This will involve moving around some displays and creating new ones. We will also do some new things with our aircraft model collection.

To keep up with the work load we are scheduling another work day, Tuesday from 9 to 1. This is a great opportunity for you to learn more about the Museum collection, its management, and how to participate in on and off site programs. We are always looking for tour guides. The museum will open soon so the need for help is ongoing. If you would like to know more or better yet, volunteer now, call me at 937-216-6925 or reply through the website.


Terry Purke, curator

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