Curators Report for February 2018

The good news is—People are calling to schedule programs. The bad news is—there isn’t any, which is really good news.

Van Cleve school has scheduled their annual tour of 100 plus students for May 21, 9:00 -2:30. The classes will come in three groups of about 30 each; two before lunch, one after. We will need at least two volunteers for each group. If you would like to participate with one or more groups please contact me.

We are taking “History in a Box” to RT Industries in Troy on March 22 at 10am for a one hour program. We will be presenting the Pioneer Era. We need one or two volunteers to help me  with this one.

The Vandalia Senior Center wants History in a Box at their location for several programs. The first will be Monday June 11 at noon. We will do the World War One box since we are now in the 100th anniversary of that war.

What is required of you to take part in these presentations? First, you will want to come to the Museum for one or two work sessions to familiarize yourself with that part of the collection you will be presenting. You will be learning from people who have already done it.

Currently we have work days scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday 9 to 1. If that doesn’t fit your schedule I will set up another time for you. After we open in April we will have a session 9-1 on  Saturdays.

What goes on during the work sessions? We will be moving the storage material to a new location, setting up the audio visual room and building and/or moving some displays.

If you would like to learn more about these and other ways in which you can help, please contact me at 937-216-6925.

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