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Curators Report

January, 2018

As we start a new year let’s take stock of what we have to look forward to. We have refined our collection catalog to the point where we can now capture photos of each item and place them in the collection report. We have mapped the display area so we can place every item in its exact location. Entering that data is underway. We have added travelling cases to take artifacts offsite to reach a larger audience.

All this means more work so we need more help to get it done. Specifically we need:

Photographers to take the pictures and people to enter them in the database

Trackers to find all items on display or in storage and record their location in the database

Interpreters to conduct museum tours and offsite presentations.

We will set up daytime and evening work sessions to accommodate—if you want to help we will find a slot for you. Contact the Museum via website or telephone.

Terry Purke, curator

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