Engineers/Seabees/Photo Recon Room


More content is coming soon, but for now, please take a look at a few photos of items we have.

This is a carrying case (haversack) for a field artillery plotting board.
This is a field artillery plotting map and table. Something like this would have been used during the Korean War through Vietnam Era.
656th Engineer Topographic Battalion History. World War II Era. History of the unit’s activity during World War II. Published circa 1945.
Engineers surveying telescope with accessories and carrying case. Model number unknown. Used by Army Engineers during World War II.
Eisenhower Jacket. Worn by Harold Stein, Troy, Oh. A photographer who served as a combat cameraman during World War II and owned a shop on West Main St. in Troy after the war. Note the unusual patch on the right sleeve depicting a camera.
A photo of Harold Stein in front of a downed German aircraft. Circa 1945.
A camera with modification to photograph through the bottom of an aircraft. Used by Allied Forces to map German positions. World War II Era.

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